A New Perspective in Foot & Ankle

Foot and Ankle

The Vantage Ankle family offers two solutions to address a broader range of patients. Pictured left is the Vantage Total Ankle System with the curved talus option, and right is the new Vantage® Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus.

Vantage® Total Ankle System

A New Perspective in Total Ankle

EPIC Extremity Foot and Ankle Reconstruction System

Tailored Configurations for Foot and Ankle Surgery
Vantage Ankle PSI

Vantage Ankle PSI

A Perspective Beyond
Exactech InterSep Calcium Sulfate Bone Void Filler Beads

InterSep®Calcium Sulfate

100% Synthetic Calcium Sulfate Bone Void Filler

Biologics Solutions

Shaping the Future of Bone Repair